Environmental Policy

In competitive struggle company RASKO is aiming toward establishing itself as a leader in glass container industry for meeting its customers’ requirements and decreasing the negative environmental impact.

Environmental Policy of the Company

Realizing the responsibility before customers, Company’s personnel, shareholders and society, President and Management of the Company consider decreasing of negative environmental impact as their basic strategic goal.

The main directions in pursuing this strategic goal are the following:

  • Constant increase of the efficiency of company’s system of environment protection management;
  • Investigation and implementation of the breakthrough technologies for elimination of negative impact on environment;
  • Using of raw materials and technologies, which comply with special standards and have minimum impact on environment;
  • Constant monitoring of the processes, which may have an impact on environment;
  • Informing the employee on regular basis about the company’s Environmental safety policy and its aims, as well as about individual role of each employee in environment protection;
  • Creation of effective system of stimulation measures for each department of the company with the aim of elimination of negative impact on environment.

LLC “RASKO” Management is intended to follow this Policy and guarantees it’ awareness by the personnel of the company.