Successful marketing of our products is determent by permanent modernization and updating of all levels of bottles-making process, beginning with raw materials and ending with logistics.

From the beginning of RASKO’s history glass bottles production in the machine workshop #1 was carried out by 4 rotor glass forming machines VV-7 and in the machine workshop #2 – by sectional machine IS-8-2.

A new glasswork (glass workshop #3), which doesn’t yield to any European glass workshops, was launched in January 2000. Implementation of this project in 2000 resulted in triple increase of high quality production output, comparably with 1996, and has made the plant the biggest one in Russia.


Glass furnace with capacity of 300 tonns/day was first build in Russia for feeding three high-performance machine lines fit with Czech sectional machines AL-1110-2. A new batch house with automatic processing of batch preparation was launched. Production output increased to 302 mln. bottles a year.

It also stands to mention that RASKO carried out reconstruction of the first glasswork #1. Out-dated glass forming machines VV-7 and IS were replaced by sectional machines AL. After reconstruction work shop capacity enormously increased.

As a result of carried out reconstruction production output in 2002 increased 92,2 mln. bottles, compared with 2001. Such impressive production growth in monetary terms let RASKO to enhance tax payments in budgets of all levels and extrabudgetary funds. Moreover, it is noteworthy that RASKO had no payments arrears in budgets of various levels.

In 2001 RASKO started a new glass plant construction in Voronezh, launching the 1st line in 2002 and the 2nd in 2003. Today Voronezh glass plant has three glass-melting furnaces and seven machine lines for bottles production.

Before 2006 in bottles production "Double-blowing" technology had been used. In 2006 “RASKO” specialists in association with Czech partners realized capital investment project of glass-forming machine AL-1110 modernization. Project realization resulted in mastering of NNPB (narrow-neck press blow) technology of bottles production, what became an engineering achievement in 2006. This technology enabled productivity growth on 22 bottles per minute and cost efficiency.

In 2007 glass-forming machines underwent further modernization, what enabled to gain production on another 4.3%. Thorough overhaul of machines with ventilators replacement led to production growth of 0.5 bottles on 15% and 0.33 bottles on 5.3%. Cold repair of bath furnace #3 was also carried out.

In 2008 “RASKO” implemented another investment project at Voronezh glass plant. The project included installation of a new furnace with capacity of 320 tones/day (HORN Glass Industries, Germany) and new high-technology glass – forming equipment - two 10-sectional IS-machines (EF 10 STAT.6” type) ( GPS, Glasproduktions-Service GmbH)

Along with capacity addition at Voronezh glass plant, in 2008 RASKO continued production modernization at Anopino glass plant. A new production line for glass containers production was launched (glass-forming machine GPS-10 6”, feeder, conveyor unit and stacker). This allowed decreasing raw material consumption, increasing technological line capacity and producing brand new types of glass products.

In September 2008 “RASKO” LLC bought inspection equipment EVOLUTION 12 in quantity of 2 units. In September-October, launching of a new finished goods warehouse resulted in losses elimination during its storage.

“RASKO” LLC plans to conduct further modernization of machine lines and turning to glass bottle production, using NNBP technology.