Company’s Mission

In competitive struggle LLC “RASKO” is aiming at establishing itself as a leader in glass container industry for satisfaction of inquiries of the consumers and reduction of negative influence of manufacture by environment.

Quality and Food Safety Management Policy

Realizing the responsibility before customers, Company’s personnel, shareholders and society, President and Management of the Company consider their basic strategic goal is the dominance occupation on Russian market through consistent increase in production output, products quality and safety, as well as improvement of production technologies and performance of the manufacturing enterprise in the whole.

The main directions in pursuing the strategic goal are:

  • Constant increase in the company’s quality management system and food safety management;
  • Occupation and development of the marketing outlets due to products quality and safety increase and establishment of long-term relations with business partners;
  • Investigation and implementation of the breakthrough technologies to gain such an engineering performance standard of production, which is competitive with engineering level of the leading manufactures and companies in the country and abroad;
  • Customers’ expectations and requirements meeting;
  • Product mix renewal and diversification;
  • Creation of the system of employee stimulation measures for improvement in labor performance and productivity, exertion of efficiency and constant improvement in each employee’s competence.

LLC “RASKO” Management is intended to follow this Policy and guarantees its awareness by the personnel of the Company.