Company’s overview

“RASKO” was established in July 1998 in association with American partners on the basis of Anopino Glass Plant. All the structure of Anopino Glass Plant, constructed as early as in 1814, which has been constantly reconstructed and modernized, have become a part of LLC “RASKO” since 1999.


There has been organized all the facilities in the Company for successful product competition on the Russian and CIS glass container markets.

In 2001 “RASKO” branch started in Voronezh. The company’s industrial sites location (Vladimir and Voronezh region) is beneficial for the company in terms of logistics: Voronezh plant covers the South Part of Russia, exports its production to Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


One of the Company’s priorities is quality system modernization.

In 2004 preparatory woks before ISO certification were carried to completion. The Anopino Glass Plant received the QMS (Quality Management System) Certificate after successful certification audit by a Finnish company Det Norske Veritas on the 26-th of October in Y2004. The Voronezh plant was ISO certified in 2005. In October 2008, RASKO received the QMS (Quality Management System) Certificate valid until 2012.

Automated quality control is performed on the production lines of both plants by controlling machines, which ensures 100% automatic control of glass products for all key defects types. This system enables RASKO products to comply with the quality standards of world’s leading breweries. Owing to this fact and a smoothly running system of quality management, “RASKO” successfully passes out audits of the biggest brewing companies, which are its potential consumers.

Consumers of our products conduct annual production controls with the aim of controlling “RASKO” upon meeting quality requirements of the System of Quality Management. Audits include raw materials quality control, quality control of finished products, storage and transportation systems evaluation.

Audit approval by consumers and perceiving “RASKO” as a reliable supplier by the key players of the world brewery market, i.e. AB InBev, SABMiller, BBH, Heineken, proves high System of Quality Management organization and the Company’s conforming to the world’s standards, set for products quality. All “RASKO” production sites are equipped with controlling machines.

The company is in the process of continuous improvement of QMS in the whole, as well as it’s separate items, implementing the advanced technological developments in this sphere.

Complying with all requirements of the Quality Management System has enabled to perform “Company’s mission” on regular basis – to be one of the leaders in Russian glass industry and to serve consumers with products of high quality and at competitive price. High production quality of “RASKO” LLC was recognized at national marketplaces, as well as on international fairs, as evidenced by numerous certificates and ranks.

Not satisfied with what has already been achieved, the company annually increases production output volumes, implements new and modernizes already existing equipment.


The total number of employees of “RASKO” LLC, including both production and administrative personnel amounts to 1008 people. Average monthly salary exceeds the regional averages.

Apart from the traditional social guarantees, “RASKO” staff is provided with free meals, different social benefits, with the opportunity to use free of charge specially equipped by the company gymnasiums and sports areas, free passes to recreation camps, additional financial support, etc.

RASKO is a voluntary participant of the Government’s Medical Insurance Program, contributing payments for the annual employees’ healthcare check with the aim of health maintenance and promotion.

The Company involves leading specialists of the plants in staff trainings and also sends employees to the educational centers, universities and foreign glass plants to gain experience.

The company is in constant progress with targeted perspectives of equipment modernization and processes refinement, as well as implementation of sophisticated management technologies.